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Terraria Review

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Terraria is an adventure, multiplayer available game which you can craft tools and defeat bosses which allow you to travel further forward, below and above for you can level up and unlock new weapons. The weapons range from swords, guns, knifes and armour which will protect you from different types of monster attacks. Also you can dig and fly but with the help of equiping wing and having a drill. You can collect resources which you can use to craft wood which you can build a house out of and make it your home and your HQ where you can plan your adventures and get ready for any boss battles you may have. The objective of Terraria is to defeat all bosses in the game and gain there weapons and become the strongest and most powerful adventurer.

6/10 Could have more levels.

Age Rating: PEGI  12

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Is The Xbox One X Worth It

The Xbox One X is a new console in the Xbox series. The console can run in 4K which means it has life like graphics also the load times for games are quicker! all games play better on the new console as there is better frame rates which make the game run very smooth. The only down side to this console is the price the price is £500 pounds as it is that mush will Xbox fans still want to get one. I think the Xbox fans will be very pleased with this new addition as it is the worlds most powerful console. Most Xbox 360 games can be used with the Xbox One X which is good because if you have Xbox 360 games you want to play but you want to play it with better graphics. Overall i think this new console will be satisfyingly worth its price.

I am going to give this product a 7/10

this is product is going to be worth it!

Fortnite Review

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Fornite is a multiplayer game filled with action round every building. You are put in a flying bus and you jump, out and activate a glider to get to different sections of the map, then you  land an try to get loot to defeat your enemies! The exciting task now begins you must scavenge for weapons including grenades, sniper rifle,shotgun , rifle and rocket launcher .T here is a unique element in Fortnite, you can build! The materials you need are everywhere on the map including wood from trees, brick from buildings and metal from wrecked cars. Finally the objective is to eliminate all enemies and be the last one standing, but this is not a piece of cake for a deadly storm cloud is closing in and you and your enemies are forced to run into the play area, causing a battle of chaos!

9/10 very good quality for a free game but has lag.

Age Rating: PEGI 12

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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Review




What is it with Capcom ruining beloved franchises, first of all Devil may cry, then Street fighter now this. First of all, there are only 30 characters excluding the DLC characters. It is utterly disappointing that Capcom expects us to buy extra characters. Yeah sure Nintendo did it with super smash bros for Wii u and 3ds but that game had 50 characters so it didn’t matter that much. But with this game it is just a shameless cash grab. Also the character roster isn’t even that good, They got rid of akuma but not nemesis. It isn’t like akuma would have not found his place in the story mode. He could have the power stone then Ryu and Haggar could fight him. The game has all the standard stuff fighting games have which is a change from street fighter 5. In the end I honestly think that Capcom will go the way of Sega.

7/10 NOT as good as it should be

age rating: PEGI 12

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Minecraft Review

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Spawned in a blocky world, stranded with nothing but your bare hands to help you survive, Minecraft is a multiplayer game where your objective is to survive each night as it comes with monsters spawning to give you a challenge. The game guides you as it starts to help you survive but it can’t do it all, you need to punch trees with your hands and you craft blocks that you use to craft a bigger variety of helpful block and tools which can be used build a warm and cozy house for your needs. Mining in Minecraft can be a bit tough when you don’t know where to look, that’s why you need to dig a tunnel diagonally down so can increase your chances of finding ore and other helpful resources that will help you on your quests. In our conclusion our team rates Minecraft 6/10 because we think there could be a little bit more of updates that will make it a better game.

Age Rating: PEGI 7

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Overwatch Review

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Overwatch is a fun multiplayer first person shooter with lots of action packed game modes. Overwatch has 26 playable characters that have their own special abilities, when the ability is unlocked at 100% it can give the player advantages over the opposition that will kill them quicker or heal your own team. The objectives of Overwatch differentiate between the game modes for example, escort the payload is where one team has to defend the payload with certain characters to try and stop the opposition, or the attackers to get a victory. The attacking team has to attack with offensive heroes which will hopefully push to the payload to reach the destination on the other side of the map.

In my conclusion Overwatch gets a 8/10 because our team think there could be better game modes and we think the game could grow with more characters.

Age rating. PEGI 12

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Fifa 18 Review


EA has just dropped their biggest project of the year Fifa 18. Fifa 18 has been one of the most anticipated sports games of the year.  It has seemed to have lived up to expectation with their new cover athlete Cristiano Ronaldo making the game looking really good. This year EA has continued their thrilling story mode ‘The Journey’. Picking up right where you left of with Alex Hunter the skilled young player trying to make a mark in the football world. With even more hard decisions and exciting twists which you will instantly be gripped into.  Along with everyone’s favorite mode Fifa Ultimate team where you can build your own team to go against your friends and rule the football world.

Overall I would rate Fifa 18 a 4/5 as it is a solid game with much more opportunities than you can imagine.

Age rating: 7+

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