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ARMS Review

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Arms is a 3d brawler game with a unique twist to it, all of the characters (except twintelle who has weaponized HAIR) have spring arms. all of the characters also have their own special abilities and unique set of arms. For example Ninjara has the ability to gain invulnerability when air-dodging since he vanishes in a cloud of smoke and reappears quickly, a bit like cuphead does, i wonder where they got that idea from. Also there are new fighters that come out with almost every update. The modes you have are Tournament mode where you can play against different fighters in selected modes until you get to the final boss, online mode where you can play ranked or party, fight which is where you pick a mode, pick a character and pick a stage and fight and finally get new arms which is were you hit targets and boxes which contain arms to unlock them.


7/10 a fun party game but gets tedious after awhile.

Pegi 12

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Mario Kart Wii Review

Mario kart Wii is the sixth installment in the Mario kart franchise. This game introduced motorbikes and was the second game in the franchise to have retro tracks and online multiplayer, sadly the WFC has been shut down for every online Wii and DS game so you can’t play it online. The game is one of the best Mario Kart games i have had the joy of playing as the graphics look good and it also had weight specific karts so you had to pick different characters if you wanted to use certain karts. I personally use Luigi or (Once i unlock him) Bowser Jr. The game also introduced tricks which you can perform after you go off ramps or tick panels on half pipes. The game isn’t all that unique but is one of my favourite games in the series due to the amount of time and creativity Nintendo bu


9/10 one of my favorite Mario kart Games


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Super Mario Odyssey Review

The Nintendo switch launch has not been disappointing for the fans, first we got breath of the wild and Mario kart 8 deluxe, Arms, then, Splatoon 2 and now Super Mario Odyssey. The game’s controls feel tight and are easy to use, the game is easy but fun and overall it is a really good and fun game. The new capture ability is very helpful in overcoming obstacles and is just fun to use overall, i enjoyed possessing a hammer and throwing them at enemies. The Tanks are also fun to possess giving you a third-person feel to the game.  the game itself takes 4-5 hours to complete if  you are trying to collect the bare minimum amount of Power Moons. The Game also adds in Costumes, i especially like the throwbacks to older Mario games/adverts. my favorite costumes are N64 Mario, doctor Mario and builder Mario/super Mario maker Mario. the boss fights feel fresh and new and i especially enjoyed the Bowser fights as it adds in an arms kind of feel to it. Overall i really liked this game and i still play it to this day.

10/10  One of the best games to come out this year

Age rating PEGI 7

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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Review




What is it with Capcom ruining beloved franchises, first of all Devil may cry, then Street fighter now this. First of all, there are only 30 characters excluding the DLC characters. It is utterly disappointing that Capcom expects us to buy extra characters. Yeah sure Nintendo did it with super smash bros for Wii u and 3ds but that game had 50 characters so it didn’t matter that much. But with this game it is just a shameless cash grab. Also the character roster isn’t even that good, They got rid of akuma but not nemesis. It isn’t like akuma would have not found his place in the story mode. He could have the power stone then Ryu and Haggar could fight him. The game has all the standard stuff fighting games have which is a change from street fighter 5. In the end I honestly think that Capcom will go the way of Sega.

7/10 NOT as good as it should be

age rating: PEGI 12

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