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ARMS Review

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Arms is a 3d brawler game with a unique twist to it, all of the characters (except twintelle who has weaponized HAIR) have spring arms. all of the characters also have their own special abilities and unique set of arms. For example Ninjara has the ability to gain invulnerability when air-dodging since he vanishes in a cloud of smoke and reappears quickly, a bit like cuphead does, i wonder where they got that idea from. Also there are new fighters that come out with almost every update. The modes you have are Tournament mode where you can play against different fighters in selected modes until you get to the final boss, online mode where you can play ranked or party, fight which is where you pick a mode, pick a character and pick a stage and fight and finally get new arms which is were you hit targets and boxes which contain arms to unlock them.


7/10 a fun party game but gets tedious after awhile.

Pegi 12

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  1. In my opinion this is a copy of the game Overwatch or injustice and I do not really know what Cup head is as I do not understand and it does not make sense, also I don’t know if I want to get this game as it seems like you are very biased and think it is very good, as like all your posts.

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