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Mario Kart Wii Review

Mario kart Wii is the sixth installment in the Mario kart franchise. This game introduced motorbikes and was the second game in the franchise to have retro tracks and online multiplayer, sadly the WFC has been shut down for every online Wii and DS game so you can’t play it online. The game is one of the best Mario Kart games i have had the joy of playing as the graphics look good and it also had weight specific karts so you had to pick different characters if you wanted to use certain karts. I personally use Luigi or (Once i unlock him) Bowser Jr. The game also introduced tricks which you can perform after you go off ramps or tick panels on half pipes. The game isn’t all that unique but is one of my favourite games in the series due to the amount of time and creativity Nintendo bu


9/10 one of my favorite Mario kart Games


if you want more information than click on this link


  1. This is a good post but doesn’t really explain what you have to do in the game its just information. I think you should also add information about whether there’s going to be another version of the game that is coming out.

  2. Good explanation why you thought it was very good game but try not to review everything 9/10 .

  3. This is a good post but what if someone wanted to know a newer version of the game? You need to blog about recent games and not old games, or make a blog about old games only.

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